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Color Correction


Chris Herren

Former NBA player addressed Tottenville High School students. In this photo I removed the green tint on his jacket, leaving it the correct blue.


Michael Grimm

I removed a yellow cast and increased the contrast in this photo of the now disgraced former Congressman.

Jimmy Molinaro

James Molinaro

Staten Island's former Borough President was very reddish in this photo. I changed the green background to blue and removed the harsh color cast on his face.


Mike Deane

Former Wagner College basketball coach was drenched in a yellow cast reflected from the floor. Using Hue/Saturation in Photoshop, I pulled the yellow out.

Art & Design


Rockefeller University–Promotional Mailer

To spark Christmas sales and traffic into the university store. I designed this striking internal mailer which was also used as a placard. This discount card was received by the university community with much fanfare. Many patrons were relieved and surprised to learn that much of their holiday shopping could be completed on campus.


Serenity Floats–Mailer

The purpose of this 4x5, two-color, bleed mailer was to increased local awareness of Flotation, an alternative relaxation technique. Sent to women between 24 and 50, this piece had a remarkable 2.5% response, exceeding all expectations.



The goal was to produce an attractive bi-weekly, black-and-white newsletter that quickly displays pertinent information for busy marketing affiliates, in an easy-to-understand mode.

Holborn Baseball

Holborn–Tee Shirt

Holborn competed in the Corporate Challenge every year. This was the baseball look.




Ferry Book

To learn Indesign, I created a small picture book featuring the Staten Island Ferry. I peppered it with ferry facts. And friends and co-workers suggested I should self-publish.


Biology on the Brain

I took a few biology classes at the College of Staten Island, this is one doodle from my notebook, recreated in Illustrator.

Graphs & Charts


Holborn–Random over Space-Sell book

This page was constructed in Deltagraph using Lotus 123 data. It graphically displayed the benefits of reinsurance. As Holborn’s entire graphics department, I completed nearly all the presentations. The pitch was successful and a contract was signed.



Copy to come


Staten Island Advance –graphs

I created many graphs for the Staten Island Advance (made in the paper's style), including graphs for the page 1 rail, gas prices, school test results, etc.